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Youth Safety - Training Packages

Please Note: The Defence Youth Safety Level 6 training available from the CadetNet e-learning module.

Youth Safety - Videos

VCDF Cadets Youth Safety Forum Message
duration 08:56 26 Jul 2017 

The Defence Youth Safety Level 6 training has been released on CadetNet e-learning. The training includes two distinct packages designed to provide the minimum level of training to ensure young people are aware of their rights, responsibilities and behavioural expectations under the Defence Youth Safety Framework. There is one package for under 18s and one for 18-25 year olds.

Youth Safety Level - 6 Young Adult (18-25 yrs)
duration 01:37  Jul 2017

Youth Safety Level - 6 Youth (under 18)
duration 01:25 26 Jul 2017

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